Title: The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash Sheepskin Fur Rugs

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Title: The Ultimate Guide on How to Wash Sheepskin Fur Rugs


Caring for your precious sheepskin fur rugs may seem a challenging task. But with the right techniques and products to use, maintaining its magnificent fluff and shine can be straightforward task. In this blog post, we will take you through a comprehensive guide on how to wash your sheepskin fur rugs to make them continue looking new and fresh.

What Makes Sheepskin Rugs Special:

Sheepskin fur rugs are made from natural wool – a material that is known for its exceptionally breathability, durability, and insulation properties. These rugs are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making them an ideal choice for those sensitive to dust and allergens. Besides, they add a dash of opulence to your indoor space with their rich, soft texture and lustrous finish.

But, as beautiful and luxe as they are, sheepskin rugs require specific care to preserve their unique qualities.

Essential Tips for Cleaning Sheepskin Rugs:

1. A Gentle Shake: Brushing off dirt and dust from the rug is an important first step. For this, simply take your rug outside and give it a gentle yet efficient shake.

2. Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming prevents dirt build-up and helps maintain the rugs’ fluffy look. Make sure you set your vacuum cleaner to a low-suction mode to protect the sheepskin fibers.

3. Spot Cleaning: Do not let a spill turn into a permanent stain. Use a damp cloth and mild sheepskin detergent to gently address the spot as soon as you can.

4. Washing: Read the care instructions to check if your rug is machine-washable. If it is, use a cold, gentle cycle with a leather-approved detergent. For non-machine washable rugs, consider professional cleaning.

5. Drying: Never use direct heat or sunlight to dry a sheepskin rug. Doing so can damage or shrink the rug. Leave your rug to air dry in a well-ventilated area and fluff it up manually to retain its softness.

6. Brushing: Use a pet brush or any gentle brush to restore the fluffiness of the rug.

Avoiding Common Mistakes:

It’s crucial to avoid washing your sheepskin rug with biological detergents, fabric softeners, or bleach, which can potentially damage the texture. Never iron the rug or dry it on a radiator or tumble dryer as this can lead to shrinkage or other damages.

Maintaining a Sheepskin Rug:

Remember that less is always more when it comes to washing sheepskin rugs. Regular light maintenance, such as shaking and vacuuming, can prevent the need for heavy, potentially damaging washing.


Taking care of a sheepskin fur rug demands a little attention and loving care. With the right cleaning methods, your sheepskin rug will not only stay clean and vibrant but also remain as a timeless piece that adds luxury to your home’s aesthetic for years to come.

Remember, when in doubt, always seek help from professional cleaning services.

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