Bear Shape Faux Rabbit Fur Rug

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Our product provides your home with a cozy atmosphere and creates a more comfortable, relaxed environment. The pleasant softness and silky texture rabbit fur rug have positive effects on a person’s overall mood and engender feelings of calmness.

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brown, customized, White


Faux Rabbit Fur


90*65cm, customized

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About Bear Shape Faux Rabbit Fur Rug

brown rabbit fur bear shape rug carpet

Material Faux Fur
Color Brown
Product Dimensions 23.6″L x 17.7″W
Brand Cornovohome
Size 1.5ft x 2ft

What are the Details of rabbit fur rug?

  • ULTRA SOFT TOUCH FAUX FUR RUG: The soft materials of this shag rug is easy to clean, cozy on your feet as you walk, and make a perfect complement to your home with this rug. The collection features soft feeling rabbit rug acrylic yarns furry rug that makes it easy to get cozy and delightful to touch. Faux rabbit rug ensures its good durability and comfortable touch.
  • MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN FAUX FUR RABBIT RUG: The rabbit fur rugs are multipurpose and used as seat covers rug, couch pads, and area carpets. The stain-resistant, latex-free rug is designed for daily indoor use faux fur is a super soft material rug under your feet. This free shape silky shag rug that works with a wide variety of decors great addition to a kid’s room rug.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY STAIN RESISTANT SHAG RUG: Excellent manufacturing process ensures the durability of fur carpets. Cleaning only with Professional dry cleaning. Once you get the rug you need to shake and comb with a cat comb and hang the rug for 72 hours to get the desired puffiness. 
  • SKIN FRIENDLY JAPANESE ACRYLIC YARN RABBIT FAUX: Give your home a touch of luxury with the rabbit fur rug. Luxurious comfort with this ECO-friendly silky shag rug, faux rabbit rug adds softness and warmth to your room. Looks and feels like a real rabbit, a soft, plush, and silky multipurpose Bear Shape Faux Rabbit Fur Rug.
  • BEAUTIFUL HOME DECOR & SWEET GIFT:  faux rabbit fur super soft area rugs make an elegant addition to brighten up any room in your home decor. You can also use this sheepskin rug comfortably for your family to sit in front of the crackling fireplace, or as a warm cover rug for your armchair, sofa, or your baby room.

Quality Control

1. Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.
2. Our salesman, also as a order follower, would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
3. We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.
4. We would try our best to help clients solve problems.


Question 1.What is the best way to wash a rabbit fur rug?

To wash your rug properly, you’ll need to take some extra care. The best way to do this is on a low temperature wool wash cycle in a washing machine, or by hand using cool water. Add a small amount of non-biological washing powder or shampoo made for wool to get your sheepskin rug properly washed.

Question 2. Do rabbit fur rugs get matted?

Rugs made from faux rabbit fur are luxurious and beautiful, but because of the nature of the material, they can become matted or knotted with regular use. To keep your rug looking its best, brush it regularly and avoid walking or sitting on it in dirty shoes.

Question 3. How do you make a rabbit fur rug fluffy again?

To keep your rug looking best, it’s important to brush it regularly with a metal comb or a slicker-type brush (similar to a pet brush). This will help restore the pile, keep it fluffy, and remove any surface dust or particles.

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