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A faux Chinchilla fur blanket is a luxurious and cruelty-free home accessory, offering warmth, comfort, and style. It mimics real Chinchilla fur’s softness and appearance, adding a plush touch to any room. Perfect for snuggling or as a chic decorative accent.

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Faux Fur

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About Faux Chinchilla Fur Blanket

120x180 shaggy fluffy fake mink fur throw

What is the description of our chinchilla fur blanket?

  • HIGH QUALITY: This High-Quality Comfortable Chinchilla Fur Blanket Does Not Shed, Keeps Couch, and Bed Spotless. Stay warm and cozy all year long with these super soft blankets.
  • SOFT AND LUXURIOUS: Well-made with an instant touch of comfort, feels ultra soft and cuddly. Simple design and sustainably sourced.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Warm comfortable set. This fur blanket will be your go-to for dozes on the couch and insulation from chilly mornings or evenings.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND DURABLE: Washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. It’s dryer safe when using the tumble dry gentle cycle and no heat.
  • FEATURES: Anti-static, flame retardant, portable, wearable, folded, disposable, anti-pilling, luxury, warm, soft. Suitable for autumn and winter.
  • EASY TO CARE AND GREAT CHOICE: It’s perfect for personal use, wrinkle-resistant, and lightweight, it’s so soft. Good choice for gift, home, and outdoor use.

What are the details of our fur blanket?

Product name Faux  Chinchilla Fur Blanket
Material Fake mink Fur
Size 120x180cm or custom
Color White+black+Brown
Package One piece per vacuum pp bag
Usage Chair, sofa, bed
OEM Yes, we can custom size, color, and pattern
MOQ 100 pieces
Lead time 15 days
Terms of payment T/T, Paypal,L/C, Western union

Quality Control

1. Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.
2. Our salesman, also as a order follower, would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
3. We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.
4. We would try our best to help clients solve problems.



1.Is faux chinchilla fur soft?

When it comes to luxurious and opulent home accessories, faux Chinchilla fur blankets often steal the spotlight. These cruelty-free alternatives have gained popularity for their resemblance to real Chinchilla fur. But how soft are they, really? In this blog post, we delve into the world of faux Chinchilla fur and explore the remarkable softness that it offers.

The Softness of Faux Chinchilla Fur: Faux Chinchilla fur is designed to replicate the softness and texture of real Chinchilla fur, providing a sumptuous and velvety feel. Crafted using high-quality synthetic materials, these blankets offer a touch that rivals their authentic counterparts.

The secret lies in the meticulous manufacturing process. The synthetic fibers are carefully woven and layered to create a plush and dense texture, ensuring a luxuriously soft experience. The fibers are engineered to mimic the delicate and silky nature of Chinchilla fur, resulting in a truly indulgent blanket.

Beyond the initial touch, faux Chinchilla fur blankets retain their softness over time. They are designed to withstand everyday use without losing their plushness or becoming coarse. This means you can enjoy the comfort and softness of faux Chinchilla fur for years to come.

Cruelty-Free Luxury: One of the greatest advantages of faux Chinchilla fur is that it offers a guilt-free indulgence. Unlike real fur, which involves the harvesting of animal pelts, faux Chinchilla fur is completely cruelty-free. You can relish the softness and luxury of Chinchilla fur without contributing to animal exploitation.

Versatile and Stylish: Apart from their softness, faux Chinchilla fur blankets also bring versatility and style to your living space. They effortlessly enhance the ambiance of any room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Whether draped over your couch or used as a cozy wrap during colder seasons, faux Chinchilla fur blankets are a statement piece that elevates your home decor.Conclusion: In the realm of faux fur, faux Chinchilla fur stands out for its remarkable softness and cruelty-free nature. With its velvety texture and plush feel, it offers a luxurious and guilt-free indulgence. Embrace the softness and elegance of faux Chinchilla fur blankets, and elevate your home decor while respecting the welfare of animals.

Explore our collection of faux Chinchilla fur blankets at [Your Website], and experience the ultimate in softness and luxury. Upgrade your home with these sumptuous and cruelty-free blankets, and indulge in the world of faux Chinchilla .

2.How do you wash a faux chinchilla blanket?

Washing a faux Chinchilla blanket requires a gentle approach to maintain its softness and quality. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Check the care label: Before proceeding, carefully read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer on the blanket’s label. Follow any specific recommendations or restrictions mentioned.
  2. Spot cleaning: If there are minor stains or spills on the blanket, start by spot cleaning them. Gently blot the affected area with a clean, damp cloth or sponge using a mild detergent. Avoid rubbing vigorously, as it may damage the faux fur fibers.
  3. Hand washing: If the care label permits hand washing, fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent suitable for delicate fabrics. Submerge the faux Chinchilla blanket and gently agitate it for a few minutes. Avoid twisting or wringing the blanket.
  4. Rinse thoroughly: Drain the soapy water and refill the basin with clean water. Rinse the blanket by gently swishing it around in the water to remove any soap residue. Repeat this step as needed until the water runs clear.
  5. Press out excess water: Once the blanket is thoroughly rinsed, carefully lift it from the basin and gently squeeze out excess water. Avoid wringing or twisting the blanket, as this can cause damage or deform the faux fur fibers.
  6. Drying: Lay the faux Chinchilla blanket flat on a clean towel or a drying rack. Gently reshape it to its original form, ensuring that the fur is evenly spread out. Allow the blanket to air dry naturally in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat or sunlight, which can damage the fibers. It may take some time for the blanket to fully dry due to its thickness.
  7. Fluffing: Once the blanket is completely dry, you can gently fluff the faux fur with your fingers or use a soft brush to restore its softness and loftiness.

Important Tips:

  • Avoid using bleach, harsh detergents, or fabric softeners, as they can damage the faux fur.
  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry the faux Chinchilla blanket, as it can lead to matting or shedding of the fibers.
  • If you’re unsure about washing the blanket yourself, consider consulting a professional dry cleaner experienced in handling faux fur.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your faux Chinchilla blanket clean, soft, and in excellent condition for years to come.

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