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With this cozy and comfortable faux fur rug, create a inviting space and a restful feeling in the bedroom, promote a warm, luxury and cozy ambiance .

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Black, Blue, customized, Gray, Light Purple, Red, White


Faux Fur


150*120, 180*150, customized

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About Ultra Soft Faux Fur Rug

Our ultra soft faux fur rugs are available in variety of sizes. With neutral colors, these rugs can make an elegant addition to brighten up any room. You can drape it over a chair, sofa and bed, or just as an area rug. Using these cozy and comfortable faux fur rug, you will create an inviting apace and restful feeling and promote a warm, luxury and cozy ambiance.

  • Super soft fur, with leather feel bottom
  • Faux fur area rug used for both chair seat, sofa and bed, great for any room
  • Thousands of tiny anti-skid points are added to the faux suede bottom, which effectively prevent the carpet from sliding

ultra soft faux fur rug

What are the Details of Ultra Soft Faux Fur Rug?

  • 【Use】 Multifunctional use, luxurious super sofa cover, children’s bedroom carpet pad for chair cushion or bedroom living room decoration. bedroom couch besides rug.
  • 【Feel】 Bring a little luxury to your home. Soft and soothing, it promotes sleep while providing extraordinary comfort.
  • 【Non-toxic & Hypoallergenic】 Made of high-quality artificial animal wool. Our Ultra Soft Faux Fur Rug are made of hypoallergenic fabrics, which are very suitable for sensitive skin or people with allergies. Keep your feet warm.
  • 【Easy to Clean】 It can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or hand-washed. No need to worry about fading or peeling. Choose soft mode washing machine wash, deep cleaning, well ventilated, air-dried.

Quality Control

1. Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.
2. Our salesman, also as a order follower, would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
3. We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.
4. We would try our best to help clients solve problems.


Question1. How do you keep a faux fur rug soft?

Hand washing is always the safest and  best—you can throw your faux rug in the bathtub with cold water and a bit of detergent and slosh it around. Or if you’d prefer, most faux rugs are fine to go in the washing machine; run a cold and delicate cycle with the least spin or agitation possible.

Question2. How do you fluff up a faux fur rug?

The best way to fluff up your rug is to take a damp towel out of the washing machine and lay it over the flattened area. Gently run a warm iron over it until the fibers pop back up. Repeat as needed. The heat and moisture will help reset the fibers, resulting in a nice, fluffy carpet.

Question 3. Do faux fur rugs get matted?

Plush Rugs are luxurious and beautiful, but because of the nature of the material, they can become matted or knotted with regular use. To keep your rug looking its best, brush it regularly and avoid walking or sitting on it in dirty shoes.

Question4. How do you fix faux fur after drying it?

A hair brush is all you need to keep your fur smooth and healthy. Just rub the brush against your fur in a circular motion, and then use your hands to pet the fur down.

Question5. Is faux fur a better alternative to real fur?

It is on customer choice but, faux fur has many benefits over real fur- it is more durable, accessible, and ethical. It also doesn’t require expensive care or storage. Because of all these advantages, more and more people are choosing faux fur over animal fur.

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