Zebra Faux Fur Bag

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These cute fluffy bags with zebra stripes are full of personality, very fresh and unique.

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white and black


Faux Fur


20×30 cm

About Zebra Faux Fur Bag

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White Fur Bag Details

Made from soft faux fur, this slouchy bag is the perfect way to stash your essentials in cozy style. It pairs with all your favorite cold-weather outfits.

  • Plush
  • You can use it for traveling/shopping, at a party/school or in a gym/office, no matter where you are, the bucket bag will always be with you.
  • A lovely bag full of personality, so fresh and unique, easy to match with dress, jeans, or leggings.
  • Light weighted, soft, breathable, and fashionable.
  • Dimension: About 20 cm H x 30 cm W or Custom on Demand.
  • Export Quality.

INTERNAL FUNCTION – Fits iPhone X, mini wallet, cosmetics, etc. It an be used as large purse, shoulder bag or crossbody bag through adjustable shoulder strap. Ideal for out when you are fad up with lugging those big totes around.

1 Keep it in a dry, cool and ventilated place.
2 Clean it with dry soft cloth when got stains.

Quality Control

1. Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, color, dimension of the sample step by step.
2. Our salesman, also as a order follower, would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
3. We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.
4. We would try our best to help clients solve problems.


Q1.How to Clean Faux Fur Bag?

  1. Fill a bucket or sink with cool water and add a mild detergent.
  2. Place the garment in the bucket and let it soak for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Drain away the soapy water and rinse the garment through with clean cool water.
  4. Refill the bucket with cold water and add fabric conditioner.
  5. Replace the garment in the bucket and leave it to soak for 10 minutes.
  6. Re-rinse and blot out excess water with a clean dry towel.
  7. Allow to air dry and brush as described above.

If you have any doubts about cleaning faux fur at home yourself, take your garment to a specialist cleaner for professional advice.

Q2.Can I put faux fur in the dryer?

Don’t put faux fur in a clothes dryer on a heated setting. Heat can melt the faux fur fibers and cause them to fuse and become matted. Once this has happened, the damage can’t be reversed

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