White Faux Fur Cushion Throw

Create one-of-a-kind crafting projects you’ve been envisioning with these squares of faux fur fabric material. Each white faux fur pad is crafted from soft acrylic and polyester material that can easily be sewn, stitched, or glued to surfaces. Use the faux fur material to create costumes, pillowcases, and seat pads! Each fax fur fabric for crafts can also be used to make small items like dolls clothing, stuffed animals, or fuzzy coasters. This pack comes with 2 square faux fur fabric mats and measure 18 x 18 inches.

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animal print fur

About this item

  • Faux Fur cushion throw: These shaggy faux fur fabric squares are super soft and lightweight for fun crafting and sewing projects that makes a great addition to any arts and crafts supplies
  • Multi-Purpose: Use the white faux fur to create a large variety of homemade crafts such as pillow covers, decorations, costumes for your pets, hats, scarves, seat pad, and clothing for your dolls
  • High Quality: The fur material fabric is made of quality acrylic and polyester material that is easy to cut and shape, sew and stitch
  • The Perfect Size: Each faux fur material squares measure approximately 18 x 18 inches
  • What’s Included: This set comes with 2 white fur fabric square pads

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