How to Clean Real Fur Slides?

how to clean fur slider

How to Clean Real Fur Slides?

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If you’ve ever bought a pair of real fur slides, make sure to clean them regularly — not just when stains show up. Now We have some steps to follow.

There are many benefits of using real fur leather as the material for making fur slides. It’s comfortable, fluffy, warm and long-lasting. These natural fur slides are made with soft material and may be quickly stained to a variety of colours. One great thing about fur fabric is that they’re very flexible, and it will, therefore, conform to whatever shape your feet are. Here’s how to care for and clean fluffy sliders— let’s get started!

You should never put them in a washing machine, as this will cause the hairs to knot up and ruin the slippers. Too much water can damage real leather; in fact, the natural characteristic of leather is that it contracts when it meets water.

A quick way to clean slides is by giving them a good shake. This will get rid of any dirt, dust, and grime. If there are any large dirt bits on the slides, you can use a fur brush to help remove them. The fur brush is made with wire bristles and has the same function as a pet hairbrush.

On the other side, if you find small stains on furry slippers, you can use a clean cloth to lightly dab over the dirt and don’t press or scrub too hard. Try not to use too much water because the fur should stay as dry as possible.

If the stain is too large, recreate the sawdust method used by carpenters in the convenience of your home. To do this, get some wet sawdust and place it on the dirty or stained areas. Let it sit there overnight and let it eat up dirt. Vacuum up the sawdust in the morning. Use a gentle vacuum setting to make things easier for yourself.

If you’ve got a fur-lined slipper, you might have to spend a little extra time caring for it. But it’s not hard or time-consuming so get to it!

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