What is a Fur Rug?


What is a Fur Rug?

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Fur rugs are a great way to add style and character to your home. Wool, mink, fox, beaver, sheepskin, and bear fur can be used to make real fur rugs. Rugs in this category can be found in many different colors, designs, styles, and shapes. There are also unique designs that can stand out and are suitable for any part of the home. Animal prints are a popular design for fur rugs. There is nothing more captivating than these prints that let you feel the outdoors right in your home.

You can buy real fur rugs in many different forms, including fox fur rugs, mink fur rugs, bear skin fur rugs, and more. A fox fur rug is particularly nice for placing in front of a fireplace. As well as being used to cover chairs, couches, and even beds, it can be made into a warm blanket. A fur rug made of fox fur can be hung on a bare wall. Different types of foxes have different colors and sizes of their hides. Besides carpets and warm clothing, caribou skin can be used for decorative purposes. Adding bearskin rugs to a room is also a fabulous idea.

Benefits of fur rugs

Chemicals are used to treat a lot of materials before they are used to make rugs. As a result, they can be unpleasant to touch and may even cause allergies. Fur rugs, however, are usually natural and organic in nature. Often, they are tanned using organic products, and by buying a natural fur rug, you will be getting the most hypoallergenic option available. Natural hides do not cause allergies, unless you are allergic to the animal itself.

Making the home a softer and gentler space is also possible by bringing nature into it. There is nothing more natural than real fur rugs and furnishings for creating a room that will draw you away from the stresses of the world.

They last longer

In addition, hide is a very durable material. The durability of cowhide or fur rugs is a result of the animals who produce them being strong and powerful. Synthetic or cotton rugs almost never outlast hide rugs, which are perfect for tougher or heavy footfall environments.

Water resistance is a natural feature of fur, so it can hold up in a kitchen, entryway, doorway, or bathroom as well as be easily cleaned. This ensures it will remain stunning for much longer as it will show far less wear and tear.

They are just more comfortable

wayfair 3526481ed7ae4e72b9678764af7e7531The fur of animals provides warmth and comfort, which is why real fur rugs are also warm and comfortable. Cowhide rugs and fur rugs provide excellent comfort once they have been treated and cleaned. In addition to being soft, they are extremely warm, so they are excellent for hanging on sofa backs as well as for laying on the floor.

Renewable Resources

Rugs made from real hide and fur are also a renewable and sustainable resource. A majority of rugs are created using non-sustainable methods, but real fur rugs are made using completely sustainable methods.

Often they are taken from animals that are slaughtered for meat, and they are usually farmed in order to not negatively impact the natural population. Compared to a number of non-natural alternatives, these real fur rugs can often be more environmentally friendly.
What about synthetic fur?

Faux fur rugs and faux fur throw blankets do not have all of the benefits of real fur rugs, but they still have benefits. Rugs made of faux fur can create a more natural atmosphere in the home, which can have a positive impact on your happiness. They are also incredibly warm and can have a very pleasant feel to them.

Rugs made from natural fibers are soft to the touch, durable, and long-lasting. In addition to adding warmth to the home, they are also a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly way of preparing rugs. Using real fur rugs over your sofas to add warmth and nature to your home can be fantastic, and they make great floor coverings that are durable.

How to use them

sheep skin on the laminate floor in the room. cozy place near the windowTo provide a gentle landing in nurseries

The rugged texture and depth of fur rugs make them ideal for use in a baby’s room or nursery. To make a soft and warm area or to use as a play mat, lay it on the ground or next to a bed or cot.

Place in the bathroom as a bathmat

In colder, Scandinavian countries, they have soft fur rugs to step on after a warm bath – and Scandinavian weather is very unpredictable.

Use as a blanket or throw

One of the most popular uses of larger fur rugs is as throws. When it is cold outside, you can wrap one around yourself or your partner for a cozy atmosphere on your sofa.

For softening up the edges of a room

A fur rug can make an excellent addition to your living room if draped over other furniture, especially if it is hard-edged. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, it can also look very stylish while also keeping things cozy during colder months.

Covering an uncomfortable chair

Do you have a chair in your living room or bedroom that’s uncomfortable, but you just can’t bear to throw it out? You can simply throw a rug over a piece of furniture to turn it into more comfortable seating.

Adds texture and color to a room

You could add some color or texture to your living room or bedroom to brighten it up. The addition of a colored rug or throw can certainly lift a room that is all white.

Use as a blanket on the bed

Rugs made of fur can also be used as toppers on beds. Make a cozy warm space for your toes at the foot of your bed by placing a blanket over your quilt. You can also lie on it while you sleep if you have a pet.

Fur rugs are great additions to your home and are also completely natural choices. They are well worth investigating as ways to make your home more beautiful and comfortable.

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