How to Clean a Faux Fur Rug ?

how to clean fur rug

How to Clean a Faux Fur Rug ?

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Faux fur rugs are a beautiful piece of décor that can brighten any home. Available in varying shapes, sizes and colors, faux fur rugs have been a major home décor for years now. Everyone modern home wants a piece of this.
However, as beautiful and stunning as these can be, they also come with baggage. No one wants this, but it’s unavoidable. They are susceptible to not just dirt but also dust as people step on them and leave dirt marks all around.
The whole process of cleaning a faux fur rug requires little technical know-how as it can be hand washed or can be cleaned in a washing machine. Moreover, materials needed to effectively clean can be sourced with no stress. So here is how you can clean your faux fur rug and get it looking its best again.

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How to hand wash your faux fur rug ?

Yes, it is possible to manually clean your faux fur rug at home. Although this can be stressful, most people prefer it for its thoroughness. To ensure you have a smooth and efficient cleaning process, there are necessary tools you must keep handy. They include

  • A brush: This could be a sheepskin or a cat brush
  • Detergent: You can use wool, sheepskin, or a mild detergent
  • Baking soda
  • A microfiber cleaning cloth
  • A sponge

Cleaning up your dirty fur rug and making it beautiful again takes a lot of delicate yet simple steps. Each step listed below has been subsequently explained.

  1. Shaking and/or vacuuming the rug
  2. Getting your soap water
  3. Soaking the whole rug in soap water
  4. Warm water rinsing
  5. Drying out the faux fur rug

Shaking and/or vacuuming the rug

Thoroughly and vigorously shaking your fur rug is just the first but most important step in the cleaning process. This shaking ensures all dirt or any piece of debris falls off. For more efficiency, vacuuming is recommended.
Using a portable vacuum, preferably a handheld, will rid the fur rug of all dirt that may not have been shaken off. This process should be carried out in an open space. You do not want subsequent breathing issues as a result of flying dirt or debris in a closed space. Moreover, your space will also be kept free of dirt and debris.
Furthermore, do not fail to point the vacuum towards the grain. This will stop the rug fibers from getting entangled. What then is the beauty of cleaning up the rug should it end up entangled and less beautiful as a result?

Getting Your Soap Water

Once you are convinced the rug has been shaken off every possible dirt or debris, you have to get your soapy water ready for cleaning. Depending on what’s available to you, you can decide to place your water inside a tub, a bucket or anything that is available and can hold a reasonable amount of water. Make sure this water is lukewarm, and proceed to pour in a good quantity of detergent. The quantity you eventually add is up to you.

Soak the whole rug in soap water

Once you decide you have added enough detergent, the next step is to soak your rug into the soap water. However, this is dependent on the size of your tub or whatever container is available to you. If it is big enough to contain the rug, you can proceed to soak in the rug. Then gently spin the rug around the water, regularly shaking it to ensure the removal of any more dirt.

Do not wipe the rug while it’s in the water. It may cause your rug to develop knots, potentially ruining the rug. After eliminating all dirt, you must let the rug remain soaked in the water for about 30 minutes. However, the length of this is dependent on how dirty your rug is. Heavily soiled rugs could require longer soak time and vice versa.

Warm water rinsing

Rinsing the faux fur rug with clean, warm water is the next thing to do once washing is over. You have to drain out the water in the tub and ensure the tub is perfectly clean, containing no dirt and piece of debris. A considerable amount of clean, warm water can then be added to the tub.
Proceed to place the fur rug in the water and soak it, gently spinning just like you did with the soap water. This will rid your rug of soap or any residual dirt. You might have to repeat this process a few times before you can get it all out.

It is pertinent to know that subjecting the rug to a rinse should not include extracting the water by squeezing. This may cause damage to the fibers in the rug. Instead, you should carefully roll up the fur rug tightly. This will create enough pressure to wriggle out all the water that’s left.

Drying out the faux fur rug

This is the last step before you can reinstall your rug back in your space again. Once you are pleased with the amount of soap water you’ve rinsed out of the rug, you have to dry it. Proceed to unroll the rug.

Using a towel with good absorbent material, you can then roll and press the towel against the rug to absorb all the moisture you can. Then Stretch it fully on a very flat surface or whatever surface that guarantees clear and unhindered exposure to sunlight.

Washing a faux fur rug with washing machine

Alternatively, you can make use of a functional washing machine to clean up your faux fur rug. Washing machines are time-saving and quite appropriate for rug owners who have no time to clean up their rugs themselves. The beauty of this alternative is you do not need as many supplies as when washing with your hand. Here is what you need for washing your faux fur rug with a washing machine

  • A washing machine
  • A mild detergent perfect for laundry
  • A towel made with absorbent material

Furthermore, washing your rug requires the following steps. Each has been listed and must be followed religiously.

  1. Checking Tags
  2. Place the Rug In Machine
  3. Set the Machine
  4. Remove Faux Fur Rug from Machine

Checking Tags

Washing a faux rug with a washing machine can be very tricky. Not only are washing machines designed to work effectively with specific materials, but some rugs also require specific washing cycles. This is why you must check the rug tag.
Tags contain specific cleaning instructions you must adhere to if you insist on using a machine. These tags often give instructions on the washing cycle most suitable, if color might fade off the rug or how long it should be kept in each cycle. Most often than not, some tags tell you a step-by-step process on what to do. Never ignore the tags.

Place The Rug In Machine

Placing the rug in the washing machine is what you must do next. However, you must note that washing machines come in different shapes and sizes. If your machine is too small for your rug, there is no need to proceed. You don’t want to cause any damage to your machine. A hand wash will be best suited. But if size and shape allow, gently place your rug in the machine, ensuring there is enough space for it to spin. Most preferably, wash it alone. Place no other item alongside.

Set The Machine

Next, you set the machine to the right settings. Unless stated in the faux fur rug tag, a cold water wash is the best and most viable option. Rugs are delicate and soft and are better washed in a delicate cycle.
Pour in a sizeable amount of detergent and proceed to switch on the machine. It is advised you make use of a mild detergent. Here are some things you should note. A setting option that guarantees the least number of agitations is best. When it gets to its rinse cycle, you can add a fabric softener if you have access to one.

Remove Faux Fur Rug From Machine

Once the machine completes its rinse cycle, it may proceed to the dryer. However, not all machines have a dryer. If your washing machine has no dryer, remove the rug from the machine and shake it. This will remove any excess water and also fluff up the fur. Alternatively, you can use a towel with absorbent materials to absorb the excess water. If your washer has a dryer, you won’t have to do this. The dryer would extract almost all the water leaving with little or nothing to do. You can proceed to stretch out the rug and let it dry under the sun.


Rugs must be kept clean to retain their beauty and ensure their longevity. Nevertheless, it is important to disclose that the steps described here, especially in the hand wash section, are general methods for cleaning a faux fur rug. Therefore, you must study your rug and adapt the cleaning process to what’s more suitable for your rug. Your rug might need a slightly different routine.
It is also important to note that there are colors that can be more difficult to clean than others. Some colors like white get more visible stains than others and require regular cleaning to ensure they stay neat and beautiful. Less bright colors are not so obvious when they get dirty and will require less cleaning.

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