Ultimate Guide to Purchase Faux Fur Rug

how to choose faux fur rug

For most people, the faux fur rug is a perfect addition to a living space. The beauty and splendor it adds are irreplaceable. However, as a buyer, I believe you need to have enough information on how to purchase your Faux fur rug so as to help you make an informed decision. in this article, you will learn:


Factors to consider before purchasing a rug

 Without any form of guidance, there is a possibility that you might end up purchasing a faux fur rug that might not meet your long-term needs. Purchasing a rug is dependent on a variety of factors, and each of these factors, if properly considered, can help you in landing the appropriate rug.
You must pay close attention, understand what you must look for when considering the factors. You can also decide to use more than one factor to select the right faux fur rug for your living space. Here are the factors you should consider when shopping for a rug:

  •  Color
  • Washability
  • Weather
  • Price.  
  • Shape

Yes, some of the factors have been listed above, and I know you might be tempted right away to go ahead with your purchase now that you think you know the factors to consider. But, stick with me, and you will see there is a lot more about these factors than you can imagine

Image of a Faux Fur Rug


Faux fur rugs mostly act as a complementary piece of decor. Hence the need to consider what color will be appropriate. I do believe decor items like this should be bought in colors that complement the already existing colors of your living space. You really do not want to purchase faux fur with a color that looks off when you place it in your space. This is why color is important.
Faux rugs that come in lighter colors are a top option as they can blend with a wide array of colors. For spaces with modern colors, white or cream furs might be a better option. You really want the perfect color.


You know as well as I do that your rug, being on the floor, will always be stepped on. It is, therefore, inevitable you will need to wash off stains and dirt every now and then. This is why you must consider how easy it is to wash your preferred rug.
Most rugs can be washed in cold water and then hung out to dry. However, some require more than just that.
A rug can only last as long as its maintenance. If you cannot wash it, you will soon be getting rid of it in no distant future. Only purchase a faux fur rug you can maintain.

This is a tricky one but yet important. Furs can be responsive to weather conditions, and a fur rug in an unfavorable season can become less appealing. You don’t want this. Fur rugs that come in lighter colors are more likely to last all year round. Light colors like cream, grays, and even lighter tans might just be perfect for your rug. However, this is only a suitable option if you live in a warm climate. This is directly opposing to dark colors that are more suitable for the fall and winter. You definitely want to get this factor right.

No matter how many factors your chosen faux fur rug has been able to survive, it is practically useless if it is above your budget. This fact is undisputed. Although there might be quite affordable rugs, the truth is most faux fur rugs are expensive. The more expensive rugs definitely are of higher quality than the less expensive ones.
If you have no intention of spending much on a faux fur rug, then you might have to settle for a less superior one that may or may not be on the positive side of the factors I have listed here.
Nevertheless, there are inferior rugs in the market that are expensive. Therefore you will need to pay close attention and inspect each rug closely. In a few select cases, a high price doesn’t equate to high quality. Quite the opposite!. So you need to be careful..

Rugs come in different shapes. You must know that each shape has spaces where it can best fit. You must have to consider your space and determine the shape of the rug you might need. There is more on shape later on in this post.

Image of a Faux Fur Rug

How to differentiate a real fur from faux fur

The market for faux fur exists and is currently thriving despite a parallel market for real fur. There are those who oppose animal cruelty, therefore questioning the dignity in purchasing fur gotten through cruel extraction processes that cause pain to the animal.
But with a never-ending demand and a seemingly short supply, an alternative was inevitably needed. Something that fur enthusiasts who are also against animal cruelty could conveniently purchase. Hence, the need for faux fur made with synthetic fibers.
However, there is still a steady influx of real fur into the market. This real fur is almost and at times impossible to differentiate from faux fur. In fact, stores have been discovered to have been selling the real thing when it was thought they had faux fur.
Sellers and manufacturers are not legally required to label furs. This is unfortunate as most retailers are comfortable misleading their customers just to make a profit.
If you are an opponent of real fur, as I suspect you are, you must know how to differentiate real fur from faux fur. You do not want to live the horror of discovering your fur rug is not synthetic. After all, that’s what you wanted. Well then, you are about to be a fur detective. Here are what you should look out for when checking for a faux fur rug.

  • The tip
  • The Base
  • Burnt residue
  • Length of Hair
Image of a Faux Fur Rug


This is a very important feature to look out for in your new detective position. Furs made of synthetic fibers have very different tips from those extracted from animals. Experts have identified that furs gotten from animals are known to have pointed tips. This is very different from synthetic fiber. The tip of synthetic fiber is blunt.
This is a result of a manufacturing process where a cutting process produces creates this bluntness. If the rug you intend to purchase has a pointed tip, you are most likely staring at a real fur rug. Move away and keep on searching.


 Checking for faux fur can be a difficult and stressful process. Nevertheless, checking the base is a very effective method of identifying a real one or a fake fur. Real fur has a different base from faux fur. You should watch out for this while shopping for a faux fur rug.
To do this, you will need to part the hairs on the fur till you can see where it is attached. If the backing is leathery, then you are holding a real fur rug. Faux furs have material backing woven into place. This is an efficient mode of fur identification.


 This sounds extreme, but it’s not what you are thinking. You won’t be burning the whole rug. This simply requires you to trim off a few hairs from the rug. Once in a safe place, set fire to it and make your observation. Real fur is known to singe when set ablaze. Take note of this. Alternatively, faux fur melts when subjected to fire. It eventually cools and turns to hard plastic. This is no surprise as it is synthetic.
You should be aware that not all faux fur retailers will allow you to trim furs from their products. What fur would be left to sell if every customer trims and burns a few? This step might only be possible when you have purchased your rug. As such, be ready to return it if it turns out to be anything but faux fur.

Image of a Faux Fur Rug


This can be a tricky one to pull off. The length of the fibers on the fur rug can help you identify if you are purchasing a real one. A close inspection will reveal if the hair lengths are uniform or irregular. This is quite important.
Real furs have hairs that are different in length. Faux furs, on the other hand, have hairs of uniform length. Do not forget this. Your faux fur rug must be uniform. Anything otherwise definitely suggests you are holding a real fur.

How to identify the types of faux fur rug ?

There are several types of rugs available on the market. Each rug serves a different purpose. In-depth knowledge of these rug types and where they are best used will ensure you know what kind of rug to go for. You do not want to place an area rug in the hallway when a hallway rug would fit just fine. You also do not want to place a bathroom rug in the living area when an area rug would be a better fit. Types of rugs that are available include;

  • Area Rug
  • Hallway rug
  • Kids rug
  • Stair Runners
  • Bathroom Rugs


This is probably the most common type of rug. It is an accent rug that is mostly used in living rooms. However, a common distinction is that this type of rug doesn’t extend long enough to touch the walls. They are not wall-to-wall rugs. Area rugs are easier to take out. Not only does this makes it easier to clean, but definitely easier to switch if a particular area fur rug becomes unappealing.
For most people, an area rug with the right design can be an appealing artwork on the floor. And if your faux fur area rug is really soft and fluffy, it can be a really attractive piece of decor in whatever space you place it.
Area rugs are made to fit properly with all key pieces of furniture in your space. Expert decorators recommend that any area rug you get must fit under your furniture. In situations where this is not possible, it should, at the very be placed under the front legs of all major furniture. You should take into consideration how you intend to place your furniture. This will help you buy the proper area rug if this is your preference.
This type of rug can also go in the bedroom and the dining area. They are beautiful if well placed and can be gotten in several designs, shapes, and textures. There are things you should do and should not do with an area of rug.


Another type of rug is the rug runner as they are also referred to. This type of rug, as you can already guess by the name, is designed specifically to fit your hallway. If you intend to add some beauty to your hallway, this is the type you might consider getting.

This is the perfect rug for changing the look of any long yet narrow space in your home’s interior. Just imagine a faux fur rug in your hallway. What a beautiful sight!. You do not have to worry about the length of your hallway as they come in various appropriate lengths and sizes. Not only can this type of rug brighten up your hallway, but it can also give it the illusion of space.
Hallway rugs are designed to run through the middle of your hallway space. By so doing, it leaves spaces on both ends of the rug. However, it is advised not to place any furniture on your hallway rug. This will make your hallway appear cramped.
Looking to make a good first impression on visitors who step into your hallway? Then the hallway rug is what you might need. It is more appropriate for this purpose than any other kind of rug.


Yes, there are rugs made specifically for Kids. Kid’s rugs sometimes referred to as play rugs, are designed to fit and beautify a child’s play area or room. Often designed with kid-friendly patterns and colors, faux fur kid rugs are not only interactive but also suitable as a playground for kids within the safety of their room.
We know kid rooms’ aren’t just for sleeping. Kids love to play in their bedrooms, engaging in so many activities like wrestling and jumping. The soft fur fabric is ideal for kid’s relaxation without the fear of hitting the hard floor.
Kids faux fur rugs are also suitable for nurseries and schools. The beauty of a faux fur kid rug is how it is capable of transforming a space into a magical place your kid will so much adore.
This kind of rug comes in different options, all suitable for a particular need. Some are suitable for just adding some coziness to your kid’s space, while others are more suitable for playtime without necessarily adding the coziness to your kid’s space. It is important to weigh what’s most important to you before making a choice on what kid rug to buy.
They also come in various sizes. You do not have to worry about the size of your kid’s room; finding the appropriate one is a possibility.


A stair runner is quite similar to a hallway runner and is most often mistaken for it. This is not surprising as both are long and narrow. However, the stair runner is designed for fitting stairs. You might want to get this if you feel your stairs are slippery, and you want something that will provide a sure foot holding while also adding finesse and color to your stairs. A stair runner can add beauty to your home.

Stair runners can also be useful in eliminating noise resulting from people stomping on your stairs. A good faux fur stir runner is also good enough to absorb the impact of a fall and minimize injuries. This will really be helpful if you have kids who run around frequently up and down the stairs.

A good stair rug not only covers the stairs but helps to provide protection for the underlying stair material. A properly installed stair faux fur rug is capable of protecting the risers and the treads of your stairs from wear and tear. This way, your stairs get to retain their beauty and finesse. You definitely want that.
Stair runners can either be fully installed to cover the whole stairs, revealing no part of the stairs, or can be placed centrally while revealing the stairs on both sides. Stair runners, however, require special installations. Depending on the make of your stairs, you can either use the waterfall or the Hollywood.

A waterfall installation involves tacking the rug at the base of each step. A Hollywood installation, however, tacks the rug around the fits and treads of the stairs. Whatever method your stairs require, stairs runners can be a beautiful addition to your home.


Bath rugs are becoming quite a popular trend. It is no surprise that you might be considering getting one. When it comes to purpose, a bathroom rug has its advantages. Bath rugs are the preferred choice for providing a sturdy and firm footing when you step out of the bath. Its absorbent surface means you do not have to worry about dripping water running off your body down to the floor.
However, this is just one advantage. If you are looking to add more color and class to your bathroom, then a faux fur bathroom rug is what you might need. They are designed in varying colors and textures. You also do not have to worry about finding a perfect size. There is always a perfect size for every bathroom.
Although most people are opposed to the idea of a faux fur rug in a bathroom, I have no objection to having one. However, such a bathroom should be well ventilated with a good source of light and air. A bathroom fur rug needs to stay moderately dry. A damp fur rug might emit a smell and gradually become uncomfortable to stand on.
Bath rugs are more versatile than bath mats, a similar yet totally different bathroom accessory. While both can absorb water, bath mats cannot be positioned anywhere else other than in front of your tub. This makes bath rugs an amazing option. You can position a bath rug anywhere in your bathroom, even in front of your bathroom sink. Wouldn’t it be lovely to step on faux fur on a chilly morning while cleaning up?
What more? Bath rugs come in different colors that can complement the theme of your bathroom. You definitely might have to consider this if you need something beautiful and comfy for your bathroom floor.

How to choose the right shape of rug ?

When it comes to rug shopping, you should know picking the right shape is as important as picking the right type. What’s the use of picking an area rug whose shape doesn’t ensure the best fitting for your home? Picking a rug with a shape that doesn’t completely fit in can make your living space look very awkward. No, you don’t want that.

This is why you must study your home and determine the best shape your space will need. So how do you pick the right rug shape? While choosing the appropriate shape is not based on any set rules, you should realize that several factors should be considered. They are:

  • the shape of your house
  • the shape of the furniture
  • the position of the furniture

Your final decision could depend on other unique features of your home. Here are the most common shapes of rugs you will find.

  • Rectangular rugs
  • Square rugs
  • Round rugs
  • Oval rugs


There are few rugs as versatile as rugs having a rectangular shape. It’s no surprise that it has become one of the most popular. You are most likely considering getting a rug of this shape.
While rugs with this shape can serve a variety of purposes, you should be aware that they cannot fit in everywhere. Rectangular rugs are better suited for large areas. The living room, the seating areas of your house, and an office, if you own one, are places that will come alive when fitted with a rectangular rug.


Square rugs are the closest to the rectangular-shaped rug and are most often used as a substitute. It can fit similar spaces in your home as the rectangular rug. However, they are more fitted for square-shaped rooms. This not only provides a better fitting but also ensures even placement from all sides.

They can be used in the living room area or the seating areas of your house. Nevertheless, they can also be used in the dining areas. If you have a square-shaped dining table, you might consider getting a square-shaped rug.


Round rugs are also fairly becoming popular among rug lovers. This is because of its versatility. A round rug can be used in similar areas as the square and rectangular-shaped rugs. However, round rugs do not look appropriate when placed in large spaces.

I do not advise you purchase a rug of this shape if you have a large space. They are more suited for small spaces. Round rugs are perfect for making small spaces feel bigger. You should consider this before making the decision on purchasing a round rug.


When it comes to versatility, Oval shaped rugs are also in the running. Just like the square-shaped rugs, they can also fit into spaces that you would typically place a rectangular-shaped rug. They can even be used in hallways. This is a lovely alternative to rectangular-shaped rugs.

Even though this shape of rugs have been traditionally placed in dining and living areas, it is possible to get creative with them if you wish. They are a perfect welcome mat. It is also suitable for kitchen use. It can be a fitting addition right in front of your sink or even your fridge. Dark wooden homes are a perfect place for oval rugs. If your home has this feature, you just might have to consider a rug like this.
Although there are other shapes like the slice rugs, these are some of the most common shapes. Knowing how to place them in your home will help ensure you get the best out of your beautiful rug.


Shopping for a rug can be cumbersome yet rewarding if you make the perfect pick. Pay close attention to the factors I talked about. Do you really want to end up with a rug whose very presence annoys you? Then be careful and take your time.

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